Exploring the Develop Module of Lightroom

Everything you need in creating preset is in the Develop Module, so in this article, we will give you some of the most useful and effective tools in creating free Lightroom presets for portraits.

LR47Auto Color Tone

When using this adjustment tool, Lightroom will automatically adjust the exposure, color tone, shadows, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation of the image. You’ll notice that the image will brighten and the colors are more specified.

White Balance Adjustments

Adjusting the white balance tone in a preset will both change the tint and temperature of the entire image.

Basic Color Tone

In this tool, Lightroom will guide you in choosing which setting should change, is it the contrasts, exposure, white and black clipping, shadows, or more. But, you can freely adjust other color settings in it, just make sure to save it once you’re done.

Sharpening Tool

When sharpening an image or free Lightroom presets for portraits, Lightroom has a keen way of putting the right value to not overdo or destroy the image.

Graduated and Radial Filters

In the latest versions of Lightroom, users are allowed to choose between two useful filters that will best suit the image.

Noise Reduction  Sliders

This tool is very easy yet tricky since users have to be careful in adjusting the noise reduction slider. However, Lightroom will automatically adjust the settings in an acceptable way.

Lens Correction Tool

Camera lens imperfections are normal. That’s why Lightroom is there to fix those common lens issues. The program lets you choose if you want to modify the vignette, profile correction or chromatic settings of the image so that you can fix the image with just one easy click.

Effect Tools

When creating a preset, choosing of great effects to include on the preset is a must. It should be light and compatible to all forms of images.

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