Month: October 2016

The Sony NEX 7

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Sony, a well respected and known corporation worldwide, has also conquered the photography market with its digital cameras. It is well known for its consumer electronics, and today mostly, with its gaming console, the Playstation. Aside from those, Sony has also produced a good line of point and shoot cameras called Cybershot several years back, if you still remember those, but has since become the 3rd leading camera manufacturer behind Canon and Nikon. Let’s take a look at one of their best cameras, the NEX 7.(more camera reviews at

The NEX 7 is a mirrorless camera that is the latest to come out of the NEX product line of Sony. It is widely considered as the king of the hill in terms of mirrorless cameras. It has a 24 MP(megapixel) image sensor which is by far the best in the business today. This camera also has an external microphone jack, which is pretty unique in the NEX series, thus making it very suitable for shooting videos. It’s a bit larger than the other NEX cameras previously released. It has a pop-up flash and a built-in viewfinder which is pretty nice for a mirrorless camera.

This camera is probably designed with professional photographers who prefer high end cameras in mind, being that is a little pricey. It’s a lot more powerful than most if not all of the APS-C cameras available in the market today. It also isn’t very bulky compared to DSLR cameras, so it is a great option for a travel size camera. Although it has other features that haven’t been included during the first release, like WiFi integration, downloadable apps, and others, I’m pretty sure Sony will add this to the release of the next variant of the NEX 7.

Now that you have a glimpse of this new feature in Sony (NEX 7), you now know what to buy and wrap it as a gift for a photographer like you. Let him experience the uniqueness of this cool gadget in relation to its use for the development of your images. Always get it with Sony.

NEX 7 is definitely one of Sony’s best cameras to date. Imagine if you have enough energy to use this unique camera for your photography, you’ll have tons of beautiful images in the process. But you’ll need to secure that iherb reward code for that, so you can maximize your buying for the development of your photography on the whole.

Camera reviews at provide other great resources if you are not sold on the NEX 7. You just might find the camera you are looking for after checking out their resources.

Perfect Resumes from Google Docs

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Looking for resume samples, needless to say, is not that simple. With so many sites online that offers samples about it, sometimes determining the best if like asking for the moon. But if you can get resume sample google docs, you will no problem making, let alone finding the right sample, for you.


You might not realize this at first, but a resume sample google docs is the type of sample that expedites your hiring. Google docs have lined up some of the best resume samples you use for your application. In fact, more and more applicants are checking in on google docs for their resumes.

Finding the right sort of template or sample for your resume would prove to be the difference maker in your bid to have that desired job. If you can give a well-written resume to your prospective employer, more often than not, your chances of getting hired is quite promising.

And google docs is the site to be online for that resume sample. In case you haven’t noticed, most of those who are hired use that resume sample google docs. As soon as you check out google docs today, you will have a complete sampling of the best resume templates on the web.

So don’t waste any more of your time by using these templates that don’t get a return as far as interviews go. Get that resume sample google docs right now, so you can submit your application with hope and confidence. And by the time you face your incoming boss for your interview, your resume will just be a validation of how valuable you are as a part of that company.