Month: January 2016

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Review

In this review, we’ll take a quick look on the updated features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.


Photoshop Interface:

Photoshop CC 2015 includes a new and fantastic interface experience that offers cool thumbnails on your previous and recent image files, actions, Libraries and other menus on the start page. Moreover, the new interface shows a quick Photoshop tutorial located at the bottom part of the screen. Adobe has totally rebuilt the entire Photoshop interface.

In my part, there’s no need to upgrade the whole interface since it can remove the authenticity of Photoshop. But then I realized that as Photoshop grows, there’s also a need for change. Moreover, the update is not just for desktop application, it is also visible in the other Photoshop application (IOS and Android).

Photoshop Mobile Application Design:

For the past years, Adobe has been trying to reach an amazing standard to make the best Photoshop mobile version.  With this mobile application, users can not just modify and save images, they can also do other things such as installing photoshop actions free, exploring the Artboards and design space features and more. I had the chance to install the app on my Samsung Galaxy A7 device and iPhone 5, I initially encounter some minor bugs but nevertheless, the application is working well and can perform minor editing to images.

New Tools for Editing

Adobe Photoshop has remained the best photo editing and printing tool and probably will be the best software in the next coming years. With the great developers, designers and architects behind Adobe Photoshop, there’s no doubt that PS will stand no matter what. In Photoshop CC 2015, there’s a lot of new tools to admire. Most of it is related in photo editing, so expect to get confused on which editing tools to use in Photoshop.

The Versatility of Photoshop Actions

pe6The idea of putting “action” into your photo, needless to say, is a thing of beauty. Ever since photography went mainstream, photographers are constantly improving the look of their photo images in varying degrees. But when Photoshop came into the scene, these photos are getting real by the minute.

Photoshop actions take your photo images a step further than the rest. It has the tools to make your once static image into an interactive one, making it more vibrant and dynamic. If you are trying to make your flat photos more exuberant and exciting with the right mixture of color and contrast, these Photoshop actions will deliver it for you.

One of the great things about it is that it enhances your photo depending on your personality, unlike other photo enhancing apps that can only give you templates that aren’t flexible at all. The photo becomes you with Photoshop actions.

Take, for instance, its 2-Strip Technicolor action. By combining the “Simple” Photoshop action to that of “Good”, you can create an effect that is distinctively your own. This Photoshop action effect if popular during the Roaring 20s, and surprisingly it has enjoyed a revival of late.

Or, if you want a more pronounced effect on your photo, you can use the “Hazy Afternoon” effect. This particular Photoshop action brings character to your photo, with the element of drama in it, as if the image in the said photo is almost hidden behind a façade of smoke or haze.

This, and a whole lot of Photoshop actions available online, is an uncanny way of showcasing your photos online. If you are maintaining a blog, couple with a good content through your articles, you can be sure that your followers will get the best possible content and picture from you. Your photos laden with Photoshop actions will only add up to your already superb content.

Don’t just settle with those flat, boring, inept photos that will drag your viewers all the more, why not use Photoshop actions for you to get the best out of what your photo images can do.

Now is the time to enhance your photos with grace and precision through these interactive tools Photoshop actions has to offer.

Exploring the Develop Module of Lightroom

Everything you need in creating preset is in the Develop Module, so in this article, we will give you some of the most useful and effective tools in creating free Lightroom presets for portraits.

LR47Auto Color Tone

When using this adjustment tool, Lightroom will automatically adjust the exposure, color tone, shadows, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation of the image. You’ll notice that the image will brighten and the colors are more specified.

White Balance Adjustments

Adjusting the white balance tone in a preset will both change the tint and temperature of the entire image.

Basic Color Tone

In this tool, Lightroom will guide you in choosing which setting should change, is it the contrasts, exposure, white and black clipping, shadows, or more. But, you can freely adjust other color settings in it, just make sure to save it once you’re done.

Sharpening Tool

When sharpening an image or free Lightroom presets for portraits, Lightroom has a keen way of putting the right value to not overdo or destroy the image.

Graduated and Radial Filters

In the latest versions of Lightroom, users are allowed to choose between two useful filters that will best suit the image.

Noise Reduction  Sliders

This tool is very easy yet tricky since users have to be careful in adjusting the noise reduction slider. However, Lightroom will automatically adjust the settings in an acceptable way.

Lens Correction Tool

Camera lens imperfections are normal. That’s why Lightroom is there to fix those common lens issues. The program lets you choose if you want to modify the vignette, profile correction or chromatic settings of the image so that you can fix the image with just one easy click.

Effect Tools

When creating a preset, choosing of great effects to include on the preset is a must. It should be light and compatible to all forms of images.

Lightroom and Your Newborn Baby

Aside from planning for your wedding photos, planning a photo collection for your newborn baby is also worth preparing.

camera233Pictures of newborn babies proliferate online. It is always a pleasure to watch these photos, complete with all the colorful features attached to it, for everybody to see. Cute babies enhanced with the latest technology in photo enhancing can bring so much joy and fun every time it is posted on those social media pages.

Lightroom Fanatic acknowledges that all too well. It has a set of presets specifically for those newborn babies that are so adorable and cuddly in the first place. With its presets dealing primarily from the moment these babies are born until their toddler years, takes you to a variety of presets for the enhancements of these cute photos.

Newborns never looked this good with Lightroom Fanatic. It boasts of creating that soft look for you to boost the cuteness of your baby, plus the flexibility of adjusting its color, tone and even its lighting effects to cover that oftentimes cute expression ”embarrassing mishaps” when that photo was taken.

You can also create an album out of it, store it with a folder, customized the making of it, so you can use them in the future. And aside from its unique safekeeping process, you can add keywords with these photos so you can easily locate in case you need one.

This will preserve the glow, the aura of amazement seen through the eyes and look of a newborn child, and Lightroom Fanatic has all the tools to keep that wonderment alive, even if it was taken a few years ago.

So check out these awesome and adorable action cameras presets for your newborn baby at, and preserve the better part of that innocence captured from the moment they opened their eyes to the day when they can actually face the camera and gave out that cute, pretty smile.

Portrait of a Sleeklens Workflow

It takes courage at times to be able to post portraits online. The idea of displaying your face for all to see is a brave thing to do. Others are quite critical about these things while others would even go so far as to ridicule your face, poke fun about it, especially if it didn’t pass their taste.

lens2Well, you need not worry about that anymore; there is an app that would cover every portrait need you have. Sleeklens, a photo enhancing solution, has a workflow for your portraits, an easy way to deal with the pressures of posting portraits online.

Portrait edits via Sleeklens workflows let you go through the process of enhancing your portraits in a convenient way. The tools in its disposal are easy to use, from your color concerns to contrasting certain features, and even dealing with those shadows that oftentimes create a distorted look on your portrait.

Take for instance our “Strike a Pose Workflow”, which has its own unique system and tools for the beautification of your portraits, with brushes and presets to choose from for that total portrait experience. Plus, the idea of stacking different photos is a novel way of creating a myriad of effects, which isn’t quite possible with just a single portrait.

Simply put, portrait edits via Sleeklens workflows deliver a kind of enhancement that highlights not only certain features of your face but brings out the character in you.

Not that a portrait is so easy to edit but that it takes a careful eye to do so. Unlike landscape pictures or photos of a particular event where you concern yourself with panoramic effects and the like, portraits are more intricate and delicate. One error can alter the aura of your face.

But with these portrait edits via Sleeklens, your portrait dilemma is now a thing of the past. After downloading the app, you can now edit your photos after your own heart and liking. And the results of it, they say, will launch a thousand “Likes” on your social media outlet.